Week One

This is the first week of studying Radical by David Platt.  We will go over verses from Luke 14: 25-33 The Cost of Discipleship.

We are all called to do radical things that we may not do normally… but were they so radical to Jesus?  Or were they normal?  We are to worship the Jesus from the Bible… but do we?  Because, if we change His words, His meanings, His teachings… we are not following Jesus… we are following our dreams… our wants… our goals.  Join us in this study as we define Jesus’s use of the word hate.  Radical abandonment.  This is your chance to discover Jesus through the Bible, through the book Radical… and start a new chapter in your relationship with Him.

Week one is 5 days long.  You may decide to do it all in one day, it is up to you.  However, I implore you to study this and take the time out to really go through it all.

Day 1; Day 2; Day 3; Day 4; Day 5

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