Week One – Day 4

Radical Study; week one:

We are coming close to the end of our first week study for Radical.  The question for this week was:  “Do we believe Christ is worth abandoning everything for?”

So far, we listened to a video by David Platt on “Do we believe this book?” (day 3), The Cost of Discipleship (day 3),  We evaluated Hoarding (day 2), devotion (day 2), bearing our own cross (day 1), and what Jesus meant by hate (day 1).

Today, we will take a new look at dreaming the life.  Go ahead and print out the document I have ready for you here.

Now, you will see three words at the top of your page: ME, Them, HIM.  Under the word ME,  list under it some of the characteristics of where you would like to be in your life in five years.

Now, once you have done that, lets move on to the Them and start like a new column by listing where others would like to see you in five years. These might be general societal expectations or perhaps ones that are more personal from friends or family.

Ok, ready?  Let go to the next word; Him, now this column I need you to prayerfully consider what Jesus would like to see in your life in the next five years.

Now, once you have done up your three columns, I want you to notice any differences among them. Now, with comparing these three columns, we will need to take a look at the ME column.  Specifically consider what needs to disappear or change from your “Me” list and be overcome from your “Them” list in order to make both match up with your “Him” list.

Go ahead and cross out anything that needs to be abandoned, circle what will need to be overcome, and swap what needs to change with its replacement.

Was there a lot?  If there was, or was not, it is ok.  This is for you alone.  However, I have a challenge for you!  I want you to maintain this list, adding to and adjusting them, as you continue to work through the rest of the Radical Bible study.

The bottom half of that paper is for tomorrow’s lesson.

Now, lets look at a radical way of living from a different view point.  Think about the Olympics.  What do you want to see when you see those gymnastic girls perform?  Well… lets watch this video below and see life from a different view point.

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