Week One – Day 2

Radical Study; week one:

Ok, as we went over yesterday about the question; Do we believe Christ is worth abandoning everything for?

There is one thing that convicted me big time.  Hoarding.  Yes, hoarding.  I have made sure I kept many items through out my life just “in case I need it”  In our culture, hoarding seems to be ok.  But, is it?  Jesus stated in Luke 14:33:

 33 So therefore, any one of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple.

Lets take a look at this video below:


Now, you may say “That is too extreme!” “Most people are not like that!”
The man (Manuel) in this video had to do this or he would loose the most important thing to him: his grand kids.  His wife at the end is what I focused on.  She reminded him that their grand kids were more important then a broken violin.  In our lives it may not be a broken violin that is holding us back from being able to follow Christ, but it maybe something else we hold dear.

What are the things in our lives we might not really need yet cling onto for the security or comfort anyway?

Now, remember: Jesus does not promise us safety, but He does offer us security in our relationship with Him.  He asks us to give up everything else for His sake.

While we ponder about what we may need to “give up” lets look at Puddle of Tears.

How would you define “devotion?”

What makes our dedication to our spiritual life profound compared to other areas of our lives?

Turn to page 4 in your book, Radical.  Read it all the way to page 6, A Different scene.

Ok, done reading?

These peoples’ devotion is certainly not easy.  The circumstances surrounding these fellow Christ-followers in Asia enable us to easily see that their dedication to their faith in Jesus is profound.  The question that faces us today is, regardless of our life circumstances, will we respond to Jesus like Shan and Ling (who are teenagers) recognizing that He is worthy of all our devotion?

Lets look at this video… and answer it honestly.

Radical Small Group Study trailer from BiblicalSolutionsFor on Vimeo.

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