Week Three – Day 5

Lets look at a radical life… Most of us have said; I can not do that… or I can not save them all.  Or God has not called me… yet I have not met anyone with a lifestyle like mine that has been called…

Now, lets look at a movie.  I would like you to watch it this weekend, if possible.  I am right now watching it myself.  It’s about a man who has hurt people, been heavy into drugs and laughed as his wife told him after he returned from DOC that she found Christ.  He kept his bad habits up until he began to wake up… and found Christ.  It was not easy… but God led him on a mission and you can see God’s work through this man.  Now, please note this movie is not intended for children.  It is gory, and very adult in all ways.  But, it is good about showing you the radical change that this man underwent, and how God used this man to change not only the lives around him… but 1/2 way across the world.

Now, lets end week three with a little word from David Platt:

Each of us was put on this earth for a purpose.  If this man from the movie Machine gun preacher can go and disciple to other nations, why not us?  If this man can go and spread God’s word and save lives in God’s name, why not us?  Is it really that difficult to go out and spread God’s word?

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