Week Three – Day 4

Some pretty powerful words from yesterday’s video huh?  Here’s some more stuff before we head off to the weekend.

On a sheet of paper, answer these questions:

In what areas of your life do you really excel?

Consider in what areas of your live could you benefit from the help of someone else.

In what ways do you currently rely on God’s presence in your life?

In the areas of our life where we feel weak or inadequate we often find it easier to look to God for help. However, it is in those areas where we feel we already excel that we are less likely to look to God. Lets go ahead and do something different; prayerfully review your lists again, and write any ideas you have as to how they can better rely on God, whether it be an area in which they already need help or one in which they feel they are proficient.

Now, lets write all the ways that you feel you are inadequate to serve God. After you make that list, flip over your paper and write the various ways in which you can rely on God in the midst of your inadequacies.

God is greater than all of our inadequacies. Look at your papers as  you silently thank God for using you despite your inadequacies. Go ahead and take this time to pray for strength to seek His power in your live as you go from day-to-day.

God is good.  :)

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