Week Three – Day 2

Today I want you to get out a blank sheet of paper and we are going to use it for our study today.

When we apply for jobs, we are expected to “sell” ourselves to a company so the employer will want to hire us.    What are some qualities employers look for in a good employee?
Go ahead and name several qualities. Consider your paper a resume and make a brief list of your skills, talents, or qualities you have used or do use on a resume.    Most employers like independent employees who are self-reliant and can work without a lot of supervision. Consider each area you wrote and identify at least one way you use that skill/talent/quality as a means of self-reliance in your live (not just in employment). For example, the skill of construction can be used to be self-reliant in obtaining a means of income; the quality of independence can be used as a means to no dependence on others for help.  Trying to “sell” ourselves to a potential employer, we also must often give him a list of strengths and weaknesses.
We’ve already looked at our strengths, but now think about your weaknesses.   Write a few weaknesses on your paper.  How have you used these weaknesses as an excuse to avoid an opportunity to which God has called you?   We often use our strengths as an excuse to only do things for God within our comfort zone and we often use our weaknesses as an excuse to avoid God’s calling.

How can you be more reliant on God in these areas of strengths and weaknesses you’ve identified? Go ahead and list ways you could be more obedient to abide in Christ and rely on Him to accomplish His calling in your live. I want you to go ahead and to sell yourselves short in your own strengths this week and to rely on God to produce fruit.



Remember in  2006 a movie came out called “The Pursuit of Happiness” is based on a true story about Chris Gardner’s rise from poverty to wealth. In one scene Gardner sees a man with a fancy car and asks what kind of job the car owner has. Wanting to
have a job like that which earns lots of money, Gardner is motivated to pull his family into a better position. He struggles but
works hard and uses his intelligence to succeed and becomes a wealthy man, living the epitome of the American dream.

Go ahead and take out a sheet of paper and divide it into two columns.  At the top of one put: American dream and at the top of the second one, Abiding in Christ.
American dream                                              Abiding in Christ.


When asked the question, “How did you get to where you are?” how would someone like Chris Gardner answer from the perspective of the American dream? Write them under the American dream column.  The American dream would give credit to the capabilities of Gardner and his work ethic to get him to a place of financial success.

When asked the same question, how would someone like Garner answer from the perspective of abiding in Christ?

Write your answers under the Abiding in Christ column. Abiding in Christ would give credit to God for opening doors and using His strengths to place Gardner in a position where he could be a great influence for the Kingdom of God.
Looking at where you are today and where you want to be in five or ten years, how would you describe how
you got to your current place in life and how you plan to get to where you want to be? In fact, considering your
goals, how does your life mission align with God’s mission to produce fruit for His glory?

While you consider your answers to these questions, go ahead and write two or three spiritual or life goals you have that align with God’s mission of making disciples.  Now, write, “I can’t accomplish these” on
the bottom of the card.  It’s time to think about practical ways you can rely on God to fulfill these goals and write
them down.

You should keep this note with you to help remind you to rely on God.  Use it as a book mark for your Bible.  We need to remember that we need to rely on God more and give Him credit.

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