Week Three – Day 1

Today I want you to look at the section Subtle Dangers which is on pages: 45–46.  Notice how many times David Platt uses the words: American dream.  Now, in a old church of mine, we had a preacher who if I can find his serum I will post it here, but he took a good look at American Dreams.  If YOU work hard enough… you will get it.  This section of the book, it put to me the realization that even our stuff is named after the American dream… the I-Phone… the I-Pad… Windows ME…. In America, it seems our focus is ourselves, that we come first.  However, what should we really focus on?

Let me take a quote out of the section we were suppose to read:

“[It is] a dream . . . in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain the fullest stature of which they are innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are.”

Who is the focus of achievement in this quote?  Right, us.  Or the individual.  How does this quote contrast with the gospel?  Well, lets think for a moment… what or who should we focus on?  According to the Bible, we should focus on Christ.  Now, I know that in American culture, we are not suppose to rely on anyone else but, ourselves.   How do you see a lack of reliance on others to be harmful to our lives?

This week we will focus on how relying on God is essential to our walk with Christ.

Ok, you can either use your printout from the first page of week three or use your Bibles, go ahead and read the following verses: Acts 2:41; 2:47; 5:14; 11:24; and 13:28.
The context for these verses is the beginning of the New Testament Church and how the gospel spread from Jerusalem and beyond. List all the verbs from each verse that concern the numerical growth of the Church.
What is common about all of these verses?  Well, you should have also listed these three; “were added,” “the Lord added,” or “were appointed.”  If you look closly you will see that all of these verbs indicate someone else did the work.  Looking at these verses again, who controlled the growth of the Church?  That’s right, the Lord did.  What does this truth indicate about the role God played in the New Testament Church?   God was the one who brought fruitfulness to the work of the disciples and other followers of Christ.  The Church had to depend on God for anything that happened to cause its success, growth, and  perseverance.  Now, lets discuss how this truth contrasts or compares with the way American church culture operates.

I have heard many times a Pastor saying that through the work of the congregation, this was done or solved.  However, what we need to focus on is any fruitfulness of our churches must come from God alone, which gives glory only to Him.

Looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow.

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