Week Two – Day 4

Ok, the week is starting to close so, I have more videos for your enjoyment.

Go ahead and read Luke 4:1–4. How does Jesus respond to temptation?

Yes, by using scripture.  Now, lets read Luke 4:5–8. How did Satan alter His strategy after Jesus’ first response?  If you said by quoting scripture, but misusing it, you are right.

Lastly, read Luke 4:9–13.  How are variations of these same three temptations/lies present in our culture and churches today?

There are many ways; Reliance on our own ability; seeking our own comfort and satisfaction over God’s glory; compromising or abandoning God’s will for easier methods; seeking political influence to advance God’s kingdom; justifying personal sin for the sake of a greater good; forcing God to prove Himself to you and others; manipulating dramatic public experiences to “wow” people into believing in Jesus; and twisting God’s Word to support your own agenda.

What did Christ say each time?  Jesus used,  “It is written” over and over again.

So how can we recognize and refute distortions of God’s Word?

That has always been one of my biggest worries.  Thus, we go back to what we talked about yesterday… reading the entire Bible, thus it will make us know God’s word.

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