Week Two – Day 3

Lets start off day three, with a few questions.

  1. What is something for which you developed a greater appreciation as your understanding of it grew?
  2. How is your passion for something affected by your knowledge of its subtleties and intricacies?

Basically, the more you love something, the more easily you notice and recall the details making it uniquely interesting or enjoyable. This can be anything from a spouse, children, and grandchildren, to new dining experiences or fly-fishing.  Whatever passion a person may have, the desire to know and experience more of that great thing is a self-perpetuating
cycle: the more you know, the more you enjoy the experience, the more you want to know.

  1. What do you do to make time for this passion?
  2. Why do you find it so important or enjoyable?

Thinking of the wise man on the rock; What lesson can be drawn from these other passions regarding making time to know and enjoy something of great value in your life?
What do you currently do to know and act according to God’s Word with wisdom?

How has a growing understanding of God’s Word given you a greater passion for following Christ in faithful obedience?
It is time to begin considering the incomparable value of reading all of God’s Word, maybe for the first time. It is amazing how easy it is to habitually reread the same Scriptures. However, to have a greater understanding of the big picture,
including those favorite Scriptures, being familiar with the whole counsel of Scripture is important.

Christ promises abundant life is found and our joy is made complete when walking according to His Word, not just our favorite parts.  For me, after I gave everything I have to God/ Christ… I find joy in things you may never even dream of finding joy in.  I have re-read scripture and found a totally different meaning that I did not see before.  It is amazing.

Lets share a time when you were looking forward to something so you soaked up all the information you could
in advance.  For me, it was when I found out about Japanese animation (anime).  Oh, I loved to draw it, study it and then my love for it grew so far as I wanted to learn the language!  I still want to go to Japan and learn more about their culture over there and such.

For you, it may have been choosing a school, interviewing for a job, planning a wedding, preparing for a trip, making a big purchase, moving, having a baby… the list can go on and on.

Now that we have our thought in our mind; Why was it important or exciting to learn as much as possible?

For me, it was just exciting because I had a love for it.  It was a gift of being able to draw the art and wanting to further a carrier in it.

For your choice, it could be to be prepared, make best choices, maximize time/resources, be most effective, any of these things.  There is no wrong answer.

Did you have to filter through conflicting viewpoints or bad advice people offered regarding your decision? If so, how did you know whose input or what information on which to base your final decision?

My Dad instantly became upset with my love for something from a different country… especially Japan.  He does not care for Japan because of WWII.  I had to encourage my mom and dad with information on the artwork and detail and how the people over there do not hate Americans.  It was not easy, lol.

Do not forget, if you want to share your story, you may do so through the comments section of the page.

Anyways, my love for anime is not as strong as my love for Christ.  Absolutly nothing is more important than a relationship with Christ today and more satisfying than a life spent for Him on earth and with Him for eternity.

How would you describe the Bible’s importance, its life-changing truths, or its hope for the future?

If you want to share any experiences you’ve had reading through the entire Bible just put it in the comments section. For any who have read through the Bible,  was it a worthwhile venture?  Why or why not?

For those of you who have not read through the Bible, what keeps you from reading all of what God has given you in His Word?

I will confess, I am one who has not read the entire Bible.  It is ashame that I did not yet, I know that.  For me, what keeps me from just sitting down and reading the Bible cover to cover is simple.  After becoming a mother, and taking care of my husband, I have not had too much time to curl up and read the Bible.  I have done research in it, I have read many things out of it, but not the entire Bible.  Plus, I must have a person like my husband, by my side to explain the things I do not understand.  Now, I know that the truth is if I prayed before picking up the Bible, I would understand it. However, I am getting off topic now.
Though most of us will admit God’s Word is important, do we really get excited to read it and know more
about Him and who we are in Him?  What could be the danger of not being familiar with Scripture or only reading
your favorite parts of the Bible over and over, even if you do so daily?

There are many dangers if you only pick out your favorite verses and you may not recognize when teachings and
influences contrary to those truths are influencing your life and that of your church, and may not be rightly understanding
the verses you are reading.  Like I said before, there were verses I read in the past that I re read and saw them completely differently.
It is time for all of us, me included, to commit to reading God’s Word and praying daily about how to live in response to His Word.  If Jesus said we live on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God and Paul says that all Scripture is
God-breathed and useful, then we should be eager to experience all of God’s Word.

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