Week Two – Day 1

Welcome to week 2 day one of our Radical study!  Today, we will start going over; The Narrow and Wide Gates.

This week, we are concentrating on the Bible verses: Matthew 7:13–27

Here is this week’s download: Radical Study – week 2.

Now, lets move on:

  1. What is meant when someone says, “all paths lead to God?”
    Got your answer?  Good, then lets look at this; all paths lead to God (or heaven!) is how many people see things in many nations.  I have heard it from various people who said “As long as I am a good person… I will go to heaven.”  Now, lets look at how David Platt talks to someone who stated something similar to this on page 33 of your Radical book.Wow… imagine it the way he sated it… Jesus came down from that mountain to us… to save us because we are already dead in spirit.  We are hopeless with out Jesus.  We are condemned to die eternally if we do not accept Christ as our savior.  Ouch… so does that mean that if you are a good person… who does great things… but does not accept Christ as your savior… that you will not one day be with God when your life ends here?  Think about that through out this study.
  2. What is the goal of world religions according to the example David Platt used?Ok, here’s the answer: To get to God through personal discipline and effort
  3. Who initiates the relationship according to world religion?The answer is: man.
  4. Who initiates the relationship according to the gospel?The answer is: God
  5. What is the danger in believing salvation is a matter of checking off a religious box to get to God?Got your answer?  ;)  There is a huge issue with that frame of mind! It falsely exalts our own ability to get to
    God and ultimately condemns people. People can never reach God.  People are morally evil, spiritually dead, and incapable of desiring let alone getting to God in their own ability.  That means, we must reach out to Jesus who came down from heaven, who took our place and died a sinless man for our sins so that through Him, we will be saved.  With out Jesus, there can not be no heaven for us.  Jesus died for the Glory of God so that we may be able to go to heaven.  Do not believe that Jesus died just for us.  He died for God the Father.  He died for His glory… so that you and I may be saved.
  6. Why is it vital to recognize our own inability to get to God?    (It reveals our true need for Christ.)


This week we will examine Jesus’ words concerning the only path leading to life; any path not directed by the gospel of God’s Word always leads to destruction.
Ok, lets play a game!

What TV classic is famous for the expression: “Survey said . . .”?

That’s right! Family Feud!

How are the questions and answers on Family Feud unique among game shows?

Family Feud has no right or wrong answers; rather, contestants attempt to guess the most popular responses to survey  questions.

Now, grab a blank sheet of paper.  Answer these questions on it.

  • Name a famous “John.”
  • What is an animal you would not want to run into?
  • Name something people use on a daily basis.
  • What is the opposite of “radical”?

Ok, now, lets look at my answers to these questions:

  • John Wayne
  • Tiger
  • water
  • conservative

Now, lets match up our answers.  Now, as long as you were not cheating off me, lol, we should have different answers.  Many people in our culture treat life like an episode of Family Feud with many possible options about how to live; some are just more common than others. But, even with seemingly good, religious, or even so-called “Christian” motives, we’ll recognize that being among popular opinion is not the winning position in the end. This week we’ll examine God’s Word for what Christ says is the right and wrong way to live.


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