Week Two

This week, we will be following chapter 2; Too Hungry for Words and comparing it the the Bible verses Matthew 7:13-27.

In the book, David Platt tells us about how people wanted knowledge about the Bible, that they begged David to teach them the entire Bible… in a short amount of time.  He then formed something called “Secrete Church” in which I started going to back in 2011.  To me, going to Secrete church was a life changing event.  It was not completely like how people in the other countries get it, we were not crammed into a small room, we did get to listen to their band play and we got 3 fifteen minute breaks to get up, grab a bite to eat… and then we say back down to enjoy David’s fire hose.  I will admit, David Platt opened my eyes to what the Lord meant in areas of the Bible where I was left confused.  For example, in chapter one; hate.  I was always saying that I could never hate my Mom… even if she hurt me so bad that I may never mentally recover, I would always love her.  I felt that there was no way I could ever be good enough to follow Christ.   Then David explained it… and it clicked for me.  I am not to hate my Mother!  However, my love for God is to be so great, others confuse my love for my family and friends as hate in comparison.  This made sense.  I had arguments in the past with nonbelievers who through the hate verse at me… and I had no way to tell them what it meant because I did not know myself.  Now, I know and understand so that I may help guide people who are like I was.

In each day, week, etc do not be afraid to share your stories in the comment section.  Your stories may help people too.  This maybe a site, but this is part of a life group.  We are suppose to be here for one another.

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