Week One – Day 1

Hello and welcome to week one of our study on the book, “Radical” by David Platt.
If you have not done so, I highly recommend that you buy the book.

Now, each week has a theme.  I hope to soon add videos for the study to help you more with identifying with it.  But, until I get that luxury… words will need to do.  :)

First off, we have some handouts:

Radical Study – week one

These are the Bible verses we are following and studying this week.

Now for the question for this week… Do we believe Christ is worth abandoning everything for?  Do we believe that Jesus is so good, so satisfying and so rewarding that we will leave all we have, all we own, and all that we are to find our fullness in Him?  Do we believe Him enough to obey Him and follow Him where ever He leads?  Even if where He is leading us… is the opposite of what our churches do, our culture does?  A lot of you probably answered yes… all the way to the part where I said even if it is the opposite of what our culture and churches does.  You may have looked at that and said: “What?”  Well, at times where we are suppose to go is not where the church is going.  The price of following Christ is great.   However, the cost of not following Him, is even greater.

Lets now look at either the notes you downloaded or your Bible: Luke 14: 25-26.  You may see right here that you can not say that Jesus had a popular opinion.  He was more interested in developing true disciples.  As you noticed, this is where Jesus said the famous lines:

Luke 14:26 If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.

When that is stated; you will hear a lot of Christians state that; “Oh, He did not mean that!”  They feel that He was only using a hyberbole and did not mean what He was saying.  However, when Jesus used the word “hate” it was for a very specific and purposeful reason.  The Greek word miseo is not an absolute but a relative term.  It could be taken as: “love less”. (Matthew 10:37) In this case though, this is to show that a disciples devotion to Jesus should make all other relationships appear to be categorized as hate in comparison.  Does that mean we literally “hate” our loved ones, no.  It means that we put Jesus/ God 1st in our lives.  If He tells us to go to another country to save a group who have never known Him, we would not hesitate even though we will have to leave our family behind.

Now, this is not a popular way to think, right?  I mean, who drops their family and follows Jesus?  His disciples did.  Paul did.  Ok, what about now days?  No one in today’s society ever does that!  WRONG!  Ever heard of the movie; “End of the Spear“?  True story.  These men left home, left their families behind, and flew over to a country who knew nothing of Jesus… these guys all died by the natives spears… but their mission was for God.  Their earthly deaths caused that tribes salvation.  God made miracles happen… and it was all for God’s glory.  So these men loved their families, but loved the Lord even more.  Some can look at them and say: “They did not love their family enough or they would not have gone on such a dangerous mission.” or “How could that father leave behind his newborn boy?”  But they did love their families… but they loved Jesus more.

Now, lets move on.  Open your Bible to Luke 14:27 or look it up in the week one study download:

Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.

We all know that back in Jesus’s time, when a criminal was condemned to death, they were crucified on a cross. He would have to literally carry his own cross.  The picture here is of death and sacrifice.  In order for a person to truly follow Christ, they must continually die to themselves.  Letting go of all their desires, all their pursues in life in order to fully embrace all that Jesus desires for him or her.  David Platt talked about a girl who had a dream to go to college.  She gave it all up for God.  To follow the teachings of Jesus.

Ok, take a break… we will go over more tomorrow on week one’s study.

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