Week one – Day 5

Radical Study; week one:

Today is the last day of our first week study for Radical.  The question for this week was:  “Do we believe Christ is worth abandoning everything for?”

Today’s lesson is a short one, but I feel it is a very important one.  Today is where we learn the Follower’s Prayer.  Go ahead and get out a clean index card with lines on it if you want, does not have to have lines though.  Go ahead and write this prayer on it:

Whatever You say, I believe You.
Whatever You do, I trust You.
Wherever You lead, I will follow You.
I devote myself to You above all others.
I give up all my desires and pursuits for Yours.
There is no cost too great for being Your disciple.
I abandon everything that I may come after You.
For You alone are worthy.


Keep this index card somewhere where it will be readily visible during the time that you continue to work through the rest of the Radical Bible study.  I am going to keep mine even after the study because I think it is a great prayer.  For me and my family, I have been praying for a long time now for God to take the reigns and guide my family in the direction He wants us to go.  Ever sense I started praying that, and I really do mean that I want Him to guide us in the direction He wants us all to go, my family has been on a roller-coaster of life changes.  At times, the changes were hard to deal with.  Like switching churches, leaving behind friends that well I loved but were bringing me down and a Mother who did not want me to go down the path I was being lead to go.  I trusted the Lord and I found a new church that had what my family and I needed.  I have been reconnected to my old friends who are as amazing as it is, in the same level of religion as me.  I have been able to move forward in my “walk with Christ”  So, telling God that you surrender your reins and that you want Him to take them to make you what He wants you to be is surrendering your life to Him.  The reward is great, but there will be struggles along the way… but it is all for the greater good.  You can not have a wonderful life if you hold on to the material things that in reality mean nothing.  You need to let go to experience the freedom you were meant to experience.  I am happier now then I was when I did hoard.  I am happier now then I was before I relinquished all control.

God bless you… and enjoy your weekend, I will see you next week for day 1 of week 2.

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